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Have You Set Your Marketing Goals?

Why Should I Set Marketing Goals?

If you don’t know where you’re going, how do you know when you get there? Setting marketing goals helps you measure how effective your efforts are and what strategies you should stick with. Setting goals also helps you choose what actions or channels to take to achieve them.

What Are Marketing Goals

Your marketing goals are a list of results you want to achieve which often fit into and support your overall business goals. Your goals are the starting point of your marketing plan and is a point of reference when there’s a question about the relevance of a particular activity.

A marketing goal can be something big, like the projected amount you expect to make at the end of each month from your website or sales on your social media page or small, such as the number of followers you expect after each week. They are often measurable but could also be a statement such as being able to respond to customer requests in the quickest time possible.

Your goals should offer you high probability of success over a given period of time, measured by you of course. You should only set goals you think are achievable or realistic. It’s ok to push yourself but don’t over stretch yourself as they will have you feeling frustrated or defeated. Do not also set easy goals because that will do you no good.


Make sure you believe in your goals because that’s what will motivate you to accomplish them. Do not listen to what anyone else says because at the end of the day, you’re the one who’s going to accomplish them.

You should write your goals down so that you can easily track and measure it. Thankfully because we are in a digital age, you don’t have to stress yourself to measure these goals. All social media have analytics you can use to measure your success. You can also measure the amount you make on your website using some software tools installed on the backend of your website.

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