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Smartphone phones have changed a lot about us since they were invented, they’ve changed the way we communicate, take pictures, and our languages have changed to accommodate this new invention. So when we want to buy a smartphone we always want to make sure that we are the perfect smartphone  for our budget

Choosing a smartphone is tough, there are lots of option to consider the first choice obviously being choosing which operating system you want in your phone (ios, android & windows), after that next thing should be the budget, so through this article I’m going to make recommendations for those that have all the money to spend and those that are on a strict budget( the the most popular midrange phone companies are tecno, infinix, gionee and itel, I will stick to those when recommending a budget phone). One thing we should note is that a smartphone is an investment, not in the original meaning of the word, but we all want something that will last.

According to MKBHD, there are four pillars of a good smartphone

  1. Battery
  2. Performance
  3. Display
  4. Camera

I very much agree with him but I’m going to add one extra pillar and that will be build quality.

Our new pillars become

  1. Battery
  2. Performance
  3. Display
  4. Camera
  5. Build quality



So let’s talk about how these pillars can be used to shop for the perfect smartphone in Nigeria.


Battery: when an average Nigerian sees a phone or when they want to buy a phone the first question they ask is” how long does the battery last?” in my opinion battery Is the most important part of a smart phone in Nigeria, because given the situation of electricity in the country, the average Nigerian is not guaranteed that there will be electricity to recharge his phone when he gets home that’s another reason power banks have been on the rise lately in the country. So a big battery is definitely a must have in our perfect smart phone, but the size of the battery does not always guarantee that the phone will last long, other factors come into play, like the resolution of the screen (I think a 1080p screen should do just fine) The processor also affects the battery life, so you will want to find one that has good optimization and conserves power. Any recent snapdragon offering should work just fine (if we have all the cash to splash) but if we have a strict budget then (insert another brand of processor here) should work just fine. If battery life is the most important thing for you in a smartphone I’ll recommend you buy:

Huawei mate 9 check the specifications here

huawei mate 9

and if you’re on a budget try the Gionee A1 


gionee A1

—– check specs here



Display: this is another area where I think Nigerians don’t really care about, I mean it’s not like we want a 360p phone or something with wrong colour reproduction when I say we don’t really care what I mean is that it doesn’t matter if its Oled or super Amoled or Ips or whatever, all we want is a display that is bright clear and visible under sunlight. I think 1080p is perfect but most people wouldn’t mind a 720p smartphone, after all that means the battery will last longer since it has lesser pixels to push.

The Samsung galaxy s8(s8+) has the best display in a smartphone right now

galaxy s8

Any mid range phone with 1920*1080p should work just fine, there are lots of options out there



Camera: cameras are important in a smartphone. In fact it is the second most important thing people check for in smartphones after battery, some people would even rather have a good camera than battery. If you have all the cash to splash, then any of the flagship offerings of the major players (Samsung, lg, apple, htc, Sony, Google) in the mobile phone industry should work just fine, but if you have a strict budget then you should look for at least 12mega pixel with optical image stabilization with an aperture of at least 2.0 or lower (research and insert the minimum requirement required to get a good picture) I’ll recommend these

Samsung galaxy s8  and the google pixel have one of  the best camera you can find right now

galaxy s8

check full spec here

google pixel

check full spec here


Performance: this is the most important part of a smartphone to me, but not everyone shares the same point of view, there is almost nothing more frustrating than a smartphone that lags all the time (except very slow internet). But performance ranks in at number 3 for the average Nigerian, not that we love slow phones we still want our phones to be reasonable responsive, but it’s not just at the top of our list, if performance is your thing though, I’ll recommend these

One plus 5 is one of the best performing android phones in the market

oneplus 5

Iphone 7 (the best performance phone in my opinion)

iphone 7

Lenovo zuk z2  is also a good offering for a much cheaper price


lenovo z2

(insert recommendations here)


Build Quality: this is the least important part to us, because we are going to put the phone in a case anyway, again not that we want something that feels overly cheap, it’s not at the top of our list, if it’s your thing though I’ll recommend these.

Any flagship offering should give you a good build quality but the Samsung galaxy s8 is the best built phone so far


At the end of the day there is no perfect smartphone and we hope we never get one because that will signify the end of innovation in the smartphone industry. Tell me what you think about my choices in the comment section below

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